AfterParty 2019 - Vesele kravicky / Happy cows

Vitej v Plumlove! Historie mestecka je take spjata s panstvim slechtickeho rodu panu z Pernstejna, kteri meli v erbu hlavu zubra. Zubr je v podstate takova velka krava, a tak bude vas ukol nalezt v sale ve sklepeni zamku 10 zatoulanych veselych kravicek. Welcome to Plumlov! The history of the town is also connected with manor of Pernštejn aristocratic family, who had a head of a Zubr in their coat of arms. Zubr is basically a large cow and therefore your task will be to find 10 happy cows down in the chateau cellar.

Created by GEOOL

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