Ye Olde Survey Monuments Tribute Adventure by GAGB

Ye Ole Survey Monuments (YOSM for short) (GC45CC) was a travelling Virtual cache owned by outforthehunt. The cache moved around the country and you could be looking for a specific survey monument, pillar, surface block, rivet or bolt. The cache was archived by Groundspeak in 2017. At the time, it had 25,076 finds by 3,528 cachers. This Adventure Lab takes you to the 10 most visited YOSM locations in Great Britain. NOTE: This Adventure Lab cache will be an adventure. If you complete all of the stages in person, then you will have travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain. Good Luck! The GAGB is the Geocaching Association of Great Britain. It is a free to join association that strives to be the heart of geocaching in the UK. More information is available on our website:

Created by GAGB committee

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