Woodland Wander

We invite you to explore some traditional woodland, close to the Hop Farm. At the time of discovering this woodland it was covered with bluebells and we thought it was a perfect location for your Lab caches. Each of the descriptions will have instructions on how to get the Find Code. You may have to complete a task, answer a question or it may be on view. Once you have the Find Code, enter it on your phone, then move to the next location. The adventure may take a couple of hours and will be available from 18:00 2nd May 2014 until 18:00 4th May 2014. You are welcome to complete just a few or all of the locations. You have 9 days to log finds. You do not need to sign a log book. Lab Caches are still in BETA testing—that means you can still earn a smiley each time you find one, but they aren't fully integrated into your stats. Don't worry though, they will be in the future! For further info please visit: http://blog.geocaching.com/2013/08/geocaching-labs-faq/

Created by The Kent Mega

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