Winter Geolympix 2018 Night Labs

There are 20 Lab Caches set for the 2018 Winter Geolympix around the NT Ashridge Estate & at a local point of interest. Set 2 - Night Labs You can do as many or as few as you like, and in any order. At the given coordinates for each Lab Cache you will find information to gather or a task to do. You need a Find Code. This may be by completing a simple Field Puzzle, or carrying out a task, or answering a question, or simply reading the Find Code from information presented to you. Make a careful note of the Find Codes, as you will need to go online and enter them against the relevant Lab Cache to log your Find. Note that when entering each Find Code it is not case sensitive. You may find web access is very poor around Ashridge, but you have until Saturday 17th November to log your Finds - 3 weeks. Don’t forget that there are many other caches of different types near all stages. Make the most of your day, and take time to appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy your Winter Geolympix Labs Experience!

Created by Geolympix

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