Welcome to Kit Hill Bre Skowl a'gas dynergh

This adventure is designed to take you on an exploratory journey through Kit Hill Country Park (which includes the hill and surrounding areas). It was given to the people of Cornwall in 1985 to mark the birth of Prince William, by his father, the Duke of Cornwall (Prince Charles).It is managed by Cornwall Council, and consists of some 400 acres, making it the most dominant landscape feature in East Cornwall. Kit Hill is the highest point in the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The hill was formed in the same way as nearby Bodmin Moor by the intrusion of magma into overlying sedimentary rocks. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle reports that in 835, Egbert king of the West Saxons defeated an army of Vikings and Cornish at Hengestdun = "Stallion Hill", which is usually interpreted as being at Hingston Down. Other notable artifacts on Kit Hill include Neolithic and Bronze Age barrows. The area around these is maintained by a ranger and volunteers.

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