North Wales 2016 UK Mega

Wales has over 400 castles varying from ruins to complete residential buildings where famous battles were fought with the Celts, the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings. There are so many that it has the greatest density of castles of any country in the world! Many are in North Wales and all are rich in history and set in beautiful surroundings. These impressive buildings vary from the motte and bailey castles of the Norman conquerors to the military fortresses of Edward I's Ring of Steel. Join us on an adventure exploring various features of our own North Wales Mega Castle located here in Llangollen. All of these labcaches will be available at the Royal Pavilion in Llangollen on Saturday from 10am until 4pm. However, most will also be available at the Mega campsite in Carrog from Wednesday morning until 9pm Friday evening. The Minstrels trail will also be available at Plas Newydd and around Llangollen from Wednesday morning.

Created by N Wales 2016 UK Mega

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