Niagara's Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was the largest anti-slavery freedom movement in North America bringing 30,000-40,000 Black slaves from the southern United States up though to Canada. In 1793 the "Act to Limit Slavery" meant that any person to reach Upper Canada became free upon arrival. Word spread when the enslaved servants of U.S. military officers went back south telling of "Black men in red coats", which meant that in Canada, Black men were free and serving. This began a secret network of people that would help the slaves to freedom. This Lab takes you on a tour of 5 locations in Ft. Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines that document the story of the Underground Railroad. There is a bonus cache, GC8VJTN. Hints are at each location to solve the puzzle. (Phone display and text size settings must be set to small to view) We've added a fun bonus cache for kids. So kids, count how many times you see "CODEWORD" in the descriptions, INCLUDING THIS ONE. Get it right, be rewarded at the Bonus Cache!

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