Amsterdam gables

In this series of labcaches we will make a tour along the different types of gables (house fronts) that we have in Amsterdam. The tour is a walk through the old city centre as well as a tour through history. The tour starts with the oldest house of Amsterdam and from there we will walk up north to a location in the neighbourhood of the bonus cache. The gables you see are typical of the golden age in the Netherlands. Foreign geocachers will thus have an unique tour. Each labcache has an area of 30 metres around ground zero to provide the answer to the question. The lab caches numbers 1 through 4 provide bonus values A, B, C, D. The last lab cache will provide the formula with which you can find the bonus cache. You will have to flip through the journal entries to see the bonus codes and the formula. The bonus cache is called "Amsterdam gables - Labcaches bonus" and has code: GC8JY7Y.

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