The Melbourne Event LAB Cache Adventure.

This is the LAB cache adventures for The Melbourne Event (GC5GCJ8). Select from the many and varied LAB caches that are available in this adventure. Follow the instructions and discover the "find-codes". To log the LAB cache, enter the correct "find-code" and the LAB cache smilie is all yours! You have between 9pm on the 13th of November and 9am on the 16th of November to complete these LAB caches. After that they will be removed. You will have a further 5 days grace period (until the 21st of November) to be able to log your "find codes" before the LAB caches will be removed for good. Remember to keep the "find-codes" to yourself. You will have "arm-chair loggers" from all over the world asking you for these "find codes". Do NOT give them away, logging these finds is for attendees of The Melbourne Event only.

Created by GeocachingVictoria

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