The Five Oceans

If you're looking for a couple of quick finds, this one is nothing for you. This Adventure Lab takes you around the whole world. Only very few people will be able to visit all five locations. If you don't have an internet connection at a location, that's no problem. Once the app has determined that you are inside the location radius, you can answer the according question later, even if you are outside the radius again. Anyone who logs an Adventure Lab without having physically been there, is deceiving himself. Anyone who can convince me that he was the first to physically visit one of the five locations, will receive a bottle of German beer from me. FTF in the Arctic Ocean: <not visited yet> FTF in the Atlantic Ocean: <not visited yet> FTF in the Indian Ocean: <not visited yet> FTF in the Pacific Ocean: <not visited yet> FTF in the Southern Ocean: <not visited yet>

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