Taste of the Tri-Cities (Adventure 2)

Welcome to TC 2018 Geocoin Challenge Lab Adventure 2 ~ Taste of the Tri-Cities. To begin, navigate to each of the locations below. You may have to solve a puzzle, answer a question, find a cache, use your phone, need a friend or it may just be printed and displayed in plain sight. Once you get the Code word, enter it on your phone, then move to the next location. This adventure will take 1-2 hours to complete. You are welcome to complete just a few or all of the locations. You will 'possibly' need: walking shoes, gps unit/smart phone, water, gas, food, your hands and your mind! ****PLEASE NOTE: There are four caches that will only be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sacajawea State Park. Please read the cache descriptions so you know which ones they are and the times they are available.****

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