Geocoinfest 2015 Lab Cache Adventure

Welcome to Geocoinfest 2015! We have set up a series of lab caches to help you explore some interesting locations around the Strategic Air & Space Museum. Of course, we had to incorporate some of the amazing sights inside the museum, so there are 5 lab caches on site, and 5 in the surrounding area. To begin the adventure, navigate to each of the locations below. At each location, there will be instructions on how to get the Find Code. You may have to answer a question or it may just be printed and displayed in plain sight. Once you get the Find Code, enter it on your phone, then move to the next location. Once each location is successfully completed, you will earn a “smiley”. You are welcome to complete just a few or all of the locations. Please note: The five lab caches inside the museum can be found for free during the main event on October 3rd, but will require you to pay admission at other times.

Created by Heartland GCF

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