Museum of Flight Spaceflight Academy Geocache

Welcome to The Museum of Flight’s Geocaching Adventure. In this artifact scavenger hunt, you’ll use your smart device to follow a new series of clues and quiz questions, learning about rocket science along the way. Can you find the physical geocache and sign the logbook? All the stages are located in the exhibit Spaceflight Academy, dominated by the very large Full Fuselage Shuttle Trainer (FFT) in the middle. (Not a geocaching FTF, mind you. The “First To Find” in space was gotten a long time ago by Yuri Gagarin.) This FFT is the actual Trainer that astronauts used while preparing for their missions at Johnson Space Center. It had a 35-year working life and was transported to Seattle in 2012. You’ll circumnavigate the FFT as you look for clues. For the best experience, we recommend you visit the stages in the order they are presented. Exhibit titles are included in each description below. Note the interactive exhibits close to floor-level. We like to reach all of our visitors, no matter their height.

Created by Museum of Flight

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