ECALT - Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site

Welcome to Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site. A fascinating piece of history here in Fort Hunter NY. Although the Visitor Center is central to the site, there are other areas for you to discover and explore as part of Schoharie Crossing. This adventure will take you to see some of those undiscovered areas. The Erie Canal is one of the 19th century’s greatest commercial and engineering achievements. Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site is dedicated to preserving this wonderful part of our American history, which greatly impacted the growth of New York State. The Site is made up of 3 main locations that have structures dating from the three eras of the canal’s development. To the east is the Putman Lock Stand at Yankee Hill. From there you can take the tow path to the central part of the site; the Schoharie Crossing Visitor Center. And finally the largest structure on the site, to the west of the Schoharie Creek, is the remains of the Schoharie Aqueduct, accessible from the Boat Launch.

Created by BWeldon

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