Roo's Rescue

In the winter of 2019, we lost our dog Roo in the woods for four days. This adventure will tell the story as you hike to the spot where she disappeared and visit locations where we searched for her. To progress in the lab you will answer questions about man-made items found near the trail. There is a bonus cache (GC8K339) for this lab that has waypoints (parking, trail information) that may be helpful for planning your trip and navigating on the trail. The lab locations need to be visited in order, but not necessarily on the same day. Some tips on approach: Two car plan (optimal): leave a car at the end of Evan's Ford Road (waypoint P3) and then drive to the starting point for the lab (P1). You will have an approximately 6-mile hike downstream. One car option: Park at Hemlock Overlook Park (P2). This is about a 8-mile hike. Multiple day workaround: Use P1 for location 1, P2 for locations 2 and 3, and P3 for locations 4 and 5 and the bonus cache. Each hike is about 2 miles round trip.

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