Restore the Dunes

“The dunes are to the Midwest what the Grand Canyon is to Arizona and the Yosemite is to California. They constitute a signature of time and eternity. Once lost, the loss would be irrevocable.” – Carl Sandburg The fragile ecosystem of the Indiana Dunes is under constant attack from invasive plant and animal species. Since the mid-1800s, the landscape of the Indiana Dunes has changed dramatically. Scientists work tirelessly to mitigate the damage done by non-native plants and animals. One of the most crucial aspects of their work is restoration, returning the landscape to its native roots. This adventure will have you explore different aspects of the park in which scientists have begun returning the environment to its native, natural state. This adventure takes place throughout the Indiana Dune National Park. You will be asked a question at each different site, simply answer it correctly to log it as "found." There is a bit of distance between each location, so driving is recommended.

Created by LostSailRs

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