Casual Walk in Wulai

Wulai is located at New Taipei City. It's a tiny town with lively indigenous culture. River and Valley are stunning sights. Hot spring is also a great thing to do. Wulai waterfall and log cart here are memories of the area. Let's have a casual walk in Wulai. Note: All the answers are numbers and should be typed in English. ALC中的問題很簡單,都是數字,要用猜的也可以。。。真的錯過台車時,四選一吧,多試幾次。 重點是希望玩家可以實際到烏來體驗這幾年來的變化與不變,希望每位創作者與遊戲玩家都能獲得尊重,請不要使用偽裝GPS位置來完成這個簡單的ALC,歡迎在加分寶上傳分享你、你的辨識物在烏來的美照。 感謝。 This ALC is really easy. No Fake GPS Location, please. The whole ALC will be deleted immediately once more......

Created by penetrate

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