Randers Fjord Mega event 2016

The name ‘Randers’ comes from “Randaros”, which means a ridge of hills by a river. This was where it was possible to cross the river. Around the crossing grew a market town. Randers was granted a market town charter in 1302. The privileges granted gave the town’s merchants excellent opportunities to trade. This brought increased economic and political power to Randers. Trade blossomed for several hundred years, which can be seen by the well-preserved timber-framed houses from the 1600’s. The industrialization changed the layout of the city, old areas were demolished and new ones erected. The medieval town’s streets were crooked, and the advent of the car heralded changes: In the 1930’s the city Town Hall was moved 3 meters. Randers is filled with stories and landmarks of the past and the present. You will hear some of the stories; visit the landmarks and attractions of Randers, when you find the labcaches.

Created by RandersGeovenner

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