Lanes, Letters and the Law

The town is known as Royal Ramsey, having had two royal visits. One in 1847, by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, commemorated by the Albert Tower, and later in 1907 by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Ramsey’s location means that seafaring has always been important here. Narrow lanes and alleyways, some of which still survive, provide access between the quayside and the town. The postal history of the island pre-dates the introduction of the first postage stamps in 1840, until when the recipient had to pay postage. It used British stamps until 1958 when regional issues began. The Isle of Man Post Office was founded in 1973 and now issues its own stamps. This Adventure features some interesting and historic post boxes and quirky little lanes along an easy, level walk around the historic town of Ramsey. We hope you enjoy discovering some unusual addresses which must make life interesting for the local postmen and ladies. The route is all public access and there is no need to enter any buildings.

Created by twoofnine

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