Railtown Mystery

Visit Nelson's gritty Railtown for a trip through the industrial past, and help solve a daring robbery! This area is known by many names Little Italy, the gulch: CPR flats – many immigrants to Nelson arrived on these rails, and stayed to work them. Water, land, a source of power: it was an industrialist's dream. But wait! The mail train containing huge bank receipts (and the bonus cache coordinates) was hit in a daylight robbery. The inspector has narrowed it down to 5 suspects: T-Bone Em - loud and brassy Joon Moon - woman of mystery Pete Stash - prizewinning pugilist Lee Adgie - known gambler: Brother Ed - questionable man of the cloth The guilty party will have the missing coordinates for the Railtown Bonus cache, GC8V3P9. Read the journal entries to find out more!

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