Rad Power Bikes Geocaching Adventure

The Burke-Gilman Trail (BGT) began as a railroad route in the 1880’s. Now, used for biking, walking, and running, the BGT spans 20 miles from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle all the way to Bothell. Rad Power Bikes and Geocaching HQ teamed up to create an interactive biking Adventure along the trail near Geocaching HQ and the Rad Power Bikes Showroom. This experience is designed to show off the interesting and unique locations that the Burke-Gilman has to offer from Wallingford through Fremont to Ballard. You will not need to leave the trail to answer the clues and questions, except to visit the location at Rad Power Bikes Showroom. Remember to watch out for other cyclists and pedestrians if you are coming to a complete stop, and park your bike out of the way of traffic. Note: A bike is not required as this can be done by foot, rollerblades, scooters, or any accepted mode of transportation on the trail. The Adventure is ~2.4 miles in total and has been granted special permission by Geocaching HQ.

Created by RadPowerBikes

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