ECALT-Powder Mills Park

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab: The land for Powder Mills Park was purchased in the late 1920's by Monroe County Parks Commission & was the 5th county park. It offers 380 acres that provide a variety of recreational activities. Irondequoit Creek is a main feature. It is a great place for skiing, sledding, running, hiking, fishing, bird watching & picnics. It has hilly terrain for hikes through meadows, woods & wetlands plus an on-site fish hatchery. The park also offers a playground and several lodges & shelters. It is named for the powder mill that was established here in the 1800's. In the 1920's, this area attracted artists due to its beauty. The Rochester Art Club & "The Geneseeans" painters group both occupied buildings here. This adventure can be driven or biked with minimal walking (.5-1 mile), in any order. Note: bikes not allowed on trails. Walking to all the destinations within the park is less than 3 miles. Trail maps can be found online or are posted throughout the park.

Created by TS32

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