Save the Dunes!

Welcome to nature's theater. You are about to embark on a audio-guided story of the struggle between industry and environmentalists to save the Indiana Dunes. Listen to the story and answer the question. Each stop will feature a specific character from the play with a short blurb about them. The history of the Dunes has been ongoing between private industry and the desire of the public. This contention is one of the longest and most heatedly debated environmental conflicts in American history.Formed over 14,000 years, the area the comprises the Indiana Dunes National Park contains a wide variety of habitats and environments including sand dunes, wetlands, bogs, fens, and globally rare savannas. The park is one of the most biodiverse areas in North America. All of these factors heavily influenced the debate to Save the Dunes. Placed with Permission. UPDATE: There are portions of the trail that are inaccessible. Call 219-734-7100 and enter 100 for the stop number to hear the entire presentation.

Created by LostSailRs

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