Bridge Over Peaceful Waters

Welcome to Beautiful Eastern Washington!! One of our favorite ways of enjoying the beauty of our area is by taking long drives to scenic locations. A personal love of mine is to find Bridges over Peaceful Waters to sit with my bare feet in the water and take photos of bodies of water, wildlife, old bridges, sunsets, and nature in general!! This Adventure Lab is NOT a walking adventure, but rather an adventure of LONG, scenic drives! If you do not like long drives, or waypoints that take you far out into the woods, this Adventure Lab is NOT for you! Completing it in multiple days works best for this Adventure! (Min. of 2 days ~ Day 1: Rock Creek, California Creek, Little Spokane. Day 2: Mill Creek, LeClerc Creek, Bonus Cache.) **There is a BONUS cache (GC8X3R7) when you complete this Adventure Lab, so make sure to pay attention to your completion screens! You do not need to do these in order, but we recommend completing LeClerc Creek LAST if you plan on finding the bonus cache on the same day!!**

Created by CrazyFrogLady

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