Norris Dam and State Park

The construction of Norris Dam was the first major project for the Tennessee Valley Authority. The hydroelectric and flood control structure located on the Clinch River in Anderson County, Tennessee, was built in the mid-1930s. The town of Norris was built as a model planned community by TVA in 1933 to house the workers building the dam. TVA built, owned, and administered the community of Norris for 15 years. The houses were built on a modest and tasteful scale, with an eye to community as much as comfort. In this rural region, which in 1933 was less than 10 percent electrified, Norris was fully electric, with ceiling heat and refrigerators. The town was built to be completely walkable. The people of Norris would be able to visit their neighbors, mail a package, fill a prescription, do some light grocery shopping, and meet the kids at school, all without getting into a car. The State Park closes at dusk and may not be open during bad weather. Bonus Cache: GC8XTW7

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