Midwest Geobash Back to the Fairgrounds Trivia 2

One of the biggest hit movies of the 1980s was Back to the Future. The story of Marty McFly's travel back in time to when his own parents were his age. But how well do you know this movie? Play the Midwest Geobash Back to the Fairgrounds Trivia 2 and find out. Ten correct answers will lead to 10 codes for 10 Lab Caches. Each question will have two choices for an answer, each with a set of coordinates. It's multiple choice! Going to either set of coordinates will take you to a code word. However, only the correct answer's code word will work. Work your way around the fairgrounds answering the questions. Correct answers will lead to a shorter walk. A couple things to keep in mind. 1) Each code is on a white label with black, lower-case letters. 2) All codes are visible without touching, moving, or opening anything. You may need to look under things. 3) A few of the codes are well hidden. 4) All codes are on the fairgrounds. No codes are in the campground areas, but could be next to them.

Created by Midwest Geobash

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