Midwest Geobash Geocaching Wonderland

Welcome to the Midwest Geobash Geocaching Wonderland. This adventure will take a geocacher through 10 Lab Caches made for the Midwest Geobash 2014 - 10th Year! Many of the geocaches in this adventure tie in with the Midwest Geobash theme of Christmas in July. With the experimental nature of these geocaches, there certainly is a variety. A geocacher will find puzzles, interactive tasks, and site visits along with scavenger hunt type geocaches. Eight of the ten geocaches are located on the fairgrounds. Two are tied to the Poker Run. These geocaches are temporary and will only be available for the weekend with a grace period to follow for logging. Please be respectful of these geocaches so that everyone can have a chance. Most importantly, make sure to have fun!

Created by Midwest Geobash

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