ECALT - A Visit to Mount Hope Cemetery

This adventure is part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail. Mount Hope Cemetery, one of the most remarkable Victorian cemeteries in America, is a magnificent 196 acres of lofty hills and picturesque valleys created by glaciers and transformed into a beautiful historic cemetery. A diversified forest of trees forms an arboretum shading thousands of marble, bronze, and granite monuments. The cemetery is a veritable museum of funerary sculpture and mausoleums spanning more than a century and a half. Founded in 1838, it is the first municipal cemetery in the United States and is the final resting place of more than 350,000 people, including many local dignitaries such as Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas. This adventure will take you to just a few of the highlights of this remarkable cemetery. Friends of Mt, Hope cemetery offers free tours - visit for more information,

Created by TheTilleyHat

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