It's a Great Day to be a Dragon: A Tour of MSUM

Minnesota State University Moorhead was established in 1887 as the Moorhead Normal School. In its first year, President Livingston Lord presided over five faculty members and a class of 29 students. Tuition was free to all students promising to teach two years in Minnesota. More than 130 years and four name changes later, MSU Moorhead continues to ignite change through the power of education. This Adventure highlights MSUM history, traditions, and stories that have sparked transformation among generations. You will find answers at posted coordinates, but several descriptions contain optional video content for those who wish to learn more. Parking is available outside Comstock Memorial Union (Lot M-5) & Owens Hall (Lot M-1). Whether you're a student, alum, neighbor, or just passing through, we'd love to know your favorite memories of time spent at MSUM in your logs. This Adventure is a collaboration between MSUM Marketing & Communications, Livingston Lord Library & Gia “Giacaches" Rassier.

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