MOGA 2016 Decathlon

Someone has stolen the Olympic Torch for MOGA 2016! The perpetrator hid it in an ammo box and placed a lock on it. He then contacted a buyer and left him clues in various locations around Clermont County. The buyer is an Olympic aficionado who is partial to the decathlon. The seller knew this, so many of the clues have been encoded with information related to the olympics and the decathlon. It is your job to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and retrieve the torch before the seller gets to it at 6:00 pm on Saturday and ruins everything. Whether you retrieve the torch or not, if you are able to break the code on the lock and access the log book, sign your name so that we can properly thank you for your services. If you are lucky enough to retrieve the torch, keep it safe and return it to Jesse (KingAFK) or Brian (KBLAST) at your earliest convenience so you can receive your reward. Good luck! Container is available at CCCVB table or after hours at N 39 06.023' W 084 16.472'.

Created by AFK

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