Maze Lanes 迷宮巷

The Maze Lanes are just as the name says: A labyrinth of small alleys in the Daxi Old Street area. Houses and buildings here aren’t as posh as the ones on the popular Old Street, yet there lies beauty in the modest houses of ordinary lives. Back when river cargo business thrived, many workers from outside of Taoyuan built huts right at the river bank. Every house is built after its constructor's free will creating a unique scene of old Taoyuan. These tiny roads are generally not indicated on Google Maps. So, you must use your GPS and old-fashioned exploration and intuition to find the locations in this Adventure Lab. During your search feel free to wander through the twisting paths and discover treasures of your own! The starting point is Fu Ren Temple 福仁宮. The maze lanes begin on either side of the temple. When questions ask for a number, enter the numeral, not the name (e.g. "1", not "one")

Created by steve4nlanguage

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