Lost World Lookouts

A tour around some of the less well known lookouts in Lamington National Park. This Adventure will take you on a 12km circuit around Moran's Creek taking in some breathtaking views towards the Lost World Plateau. Allow approx. 4 hours to complete the circuit and fully enjoy the scenery. Some off-track navigation is required to find and follow the old Moran's Creek track (no longer maintained) but a good footpad still exists with ribbons marking the route. Warning: Take care at the lookouts, especially with children, as there are sheer drops and some have no safety fencing. Take normal bushwalking precautions, water, food, sturdy footwear, sunscreen and tell someone where you are going. Info for Bonus Cache GC95641 after first 4 location's correct answers. See here: https://coord.info/GC95641 Here's a YouTube Video we made on the Adventure Lab; it gives you an idea what's involved: https://youtu.be/5Gw_F51EYh4

Created by Herbz

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