Jigsaw Mural Adventure

This adventure lab will take you to 5 murals in the downtown area of Forest Grove. You will walk less than a mile round trip from the suggested parking location and will likely be able to complete in less than 1 hour. When you get close to a mural and tap activity, you will get a picture of at least one jigsaw puzzle piece of a unique part of the mural. The picture may be cut off, but tapping it will show you the whole picture and then you can make it bigger by spreading your fingers on the screen. Your task is to find the place on the mural that the puzzle piece would fit, realizing that the piece may not be oriented correctly. If there are two pieces hooked together, they should remain together when being twisted to the correct orientation which will be either straight up and down or straight across. After you have visually found the location of the piece, answer the question related to the puzzle piece(s). The starting point is a good place to park. GC8VGEH is a bonus to this adventure.

Created by Critters of adventure

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