Historic Route 66: Litchfield - Chain of Rocks, IL

Historic Route 66 AL - Litchfield to Chain of Rocks This Adventure Lab is part of the Historic Route 66 series that runs from Chicago to Santa Monica. Route 66. The Mother Road. The Main Street of America. Running 2,448 miles from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA, this was the road to adventure. Established November 11, 1926, it became the most famous highway in the United States, and possibly the world. Popular culture praised it with a hit song: Get Your Kicks On Route 66, first recorded by Nat King Cole and then covered by at least a dozen other artists. While Route 66 has been modified or even eliminated completely, you can still see some parts of the original roadbed between Litchfield and Hamel in Illinois. There are signs differentiating when these roads were in service: between 1926-1940 for the older section and between 1940-1977 for the current road. The call of The Mother Road is still strong, with an estimated $132 million spent annually by travelers along its route.

Created by spiritwolf922

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