Halloween Hoopla 2016: Adventures in Mass Transit!

Halloween Hoopla is in it's 2nd year as a Mega Event, but the history goes back well over a decade. Cultivated and often spearheaded by King Boreas, one of geocaching's most prolific hiders. This year's series pays tribute to him by celebrating something close to his heart, the Metro Transit system. Here's what you need to know: Riding the Green Line from Union Depot will be the fastest way to complete these lab caches. We STRONGLY recommend riding in the "front" car of the Minneapolis-bound train, that's where we were. In the spirit of King Boreas very few coordinates are accurate, they were done on the fly. You will NOT have to get off the train to seek the answers unless you are specifically told to do so (only at the two "ends") Expect it to take approx 1.5 hrs round trip. There is a fare involved, you are responsible for paying the fare should you want to use the Green Line. Last tip: get a group together and designate one person to take photos if you are unsure of the answer. Have fun!

Created by Team MnMizzou

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