Halloween Hoopla 2017: Face Your Fears!

Welcome to Halloween Hoopla XIII! The number 13 is considered unlucky in some circles, so the brains behind Hoopla thought, let's see how far people will go to face their fears. So we present to you 10 experimental caches, where you will have to conquer 10 different fears. Please note, we are at the mercy of Groundspeak on some aspects of Lab Caches, the most important one being how long Lab Caches are available. DO NOT expect to be able to find the actual caches past 3 PM central time. If you are not logging on a smartphone but you faced your fears you will have 48 additional hours to input your answers. Don't delay, face those fears, and if you are one of the first to face all 10 fears you might get a little prize from our friends at Garmin. (Supplies limited, first come first served)

Created by Team MnMizzou

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