Adventure on the Nile

It is the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt: Old Pharaoh is dead, and his body has been embalmed and laid to rest in the Valley of the Kings. You, the eldest child of the last Pharaoh, have just been crowned with the double crown, and are now ruler of all of Egypt. But unrest is stirring in the land! Seth, the god of mischief is abroad, inciting unhappiness and rebellion. Your most trusted vizier has advised you on a great progress to learn more about the far recesses of your land, to entreat the other Gods to join your side, and uphold your rule. Visit each of the locations on this Adventure to uphold ma'at, and save the land of Egypt from the forces of darkness. **NOTE: If any answers are numbers, use the numeral, don't write out the number. If you have questions or problems, please feel free to send me a message via Message Center on the Geocaching App! Have fun!

Created by SlightlySarah

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