U.S. GPS Maze

Welcome to the Texas Geocaching Association's GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit at the Louella Baker Martin Pavilion on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University. After a five-year absence, the maze exhibit is back in the United States of America! The exhibit is a non-profit educational and interactive experience to share content and Geocaching information. It provides something interesting for all attendees, from first-time geocachers to seasoned geocaching veterans and charter members. You'll read and possibly learn something new about geocache types, night caching, geocaching tools and hiding techniques, gadget caches, extraordinary and creative folks in the community, a toilet seat lid museum, the history of GPS navigation, the Texas Geocaching Association, county geocaching and the Texas County Challenge, among other fun, interesting and interactive activities. Enjoy the maze, don't get lost and post your photographs and comments at #GPSMaze2019. *Adventure written by TerraViators (William Davis).

Created by Texas Geocaching Association

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