Globetrotting in Giethoorn

> Zie Bonus cache voor NL tekst!! < Giethoorn is a special village. You will hardly find any roads here, but all the more water. Because of popularity of the movie ‘Fanfare’ of Bert Haanstra and international promotion, notably in China, the number of tourists to Giethoorn has increased immensely. Travelers come from all parts of the world. To meet them you don’t have to travel over the world yourselves. You will find them all in Giethoorn. Therefore the Adventure Lab is called: ‘Globetrotting in Giethoorn’. The walk of about 2 km shows you some interesting spots of this picturesque village. Giethoorn has long remained isolated, because the area was almost impassible. Due to peat cutting and silting up the village could finally be reached by road. Due to this the village also moved 5 kilometers East during the last 4-5 centuries. Originally it was located close to the ‘Giethoornse Meer’. The village is shown already on a map from 1581 as ‘Geythorn’. There also is a bonus cache:

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