Portland Park Blocks Adventure

The Portland Park Blocks Adventure will have you exploring 9 of the park blocks in downtown Portland discovering pieces of art along these tree covered blocks. At each location there will be a description and a question to answer. You can find the answer by observing the surrounding area. Once you have determined the answer, enter it on your phone, then move on to the next location. This adventure is designed to introduce you to some of the local history and to some local art. The Park Blocks are lined with a variety of art galleries, museums and churches. At one end of the Park Blocks you will be on Portland State University property which is often home to farmers markets. At the other end, you will be close to the Portland Markets which are open on weekends for most of the year. The adventure is expected to take less than 45 minutes to complete. You are welcome to complete a few or all of the locations! Enjoy your stroll along the Park Blocks! Sincerely Geocachers Exploring Oregon (GEOregon)

Created by GEOregon

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