Pioneer Adventures: The Oregon Trail

Do you have what it takes to settle yourself in the Pacific Northwest? You will be exploring 9 places you may have had to go as a new arrival to Oregon City back in 1850. At each location there will be a description and a question to answer. You can find the answer at each stop by observing the surrounding area. Answering each step correctly will lead you to your next destination. This adventure is expected to take around 60 minutes to complete (more if you find the available geocaches along the way). We hope you enjoy traveling a path that pioneers had to take here at the end of the Oregon Trail. Can you be as successful as they? To begin, park near the starting coordinates. Plan to do some walking and driving, as you travel through the locations in order. But grab a might need it along the way! Sincerely, Geocachers Exploring Oregon (GEO)

Created by GEOregon

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