GeM's Structures On The Edge

Welcome to the beautiful East Coast of the Midlands. This Adventure Lab will take you to visit various "Structures On The Edge" and give you a tour of a stretch of coastline that has long sandy beaches and lots of wildlife. The Structures On The Edge (SOTE) project focuses on exploring and developing small scale art-led interventions as part of the evolving linear gallery of coastal architecture. A couple of the structures have been sadly vandalised so this Adventure Lab will avoid those and take you to two extra places that could also be described as "Structures On The Edge" despite not being an official part of the SOTE project. Half the structures are also known as "Bathing Beauties" which began in 2006 with an international art and architecture competition to ‘re-imagine the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’. The route is intended to run north to south but can actually be played in any order. Answers must be submitted within 1km of each stage. Some of the locations are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Created by KaosCL

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