Explore Georgetown

Welcome to Georgetown! We are exited to be able to explore Georgetown with you and share it's unique history and awesome quirks! Located 5 mies south of downtown Seattle, Georgetown is arguably the oldest neighborhood of Seattle. It existed as an independent city from 1904 to 1910 until it was then annexed into the city. Bounded on the south by Boeing Field, this industrial warehouse district has mastered bohemian blue-collar chic. Rail yards, antique shops, and refurbished lofts dot the neighborhood, where everyone from artistic beatniks to hipster families have carved out a spot in this creative hub. Today's adventure can be done on foot, by bus, bicycle, scooter or car. The total track is less than 4 miles and we are going to keep you busy and entertained along the way with interesting stories and fun facts about the locations to be visited.

Created by theworldisfun

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