Food, Finds and Fellowship at FFF

One of the perks of MEGA events is the opportunity to try out "Lab Caches" or "Geocaching Adventures." The FGA has created a series of 10 of these you can search for while visiting the ONF. Welcome to the Ocala Natural Forest! Most of the Lab Caches are fairly simple park & grabs, though a few will require some hiking. At each Lab Cache site, you will be directed to a unique code word, which you will need in order to claim a find. Because the forest is such a big place, often with little to no cell phone reception, we recommend that you load the coordinates into a traditional GPS, and use this print out to determine what the code word is. When you locate an area with good reception, you can log the Lab Cache sites at your leisure. You should exercise caution any time you are driving through the forest. The codes are case sensitive. All answers should be entered in lowercase.

Created by F.G.A.

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