ECALT- Fellow Fitness

This AL is part of the Erie Canal AL Trail, a collaboration with HQ! Welcome to Fellow's Road Park! Fellow's Road is one of the many parks in Perinton. It is also one of the best ones out there with tons of activities to do and hundreds of visitors a week! The park itself is 33.5 acres and is located off the corner of Fellow's Road and Whitney Road. Fellow's Road has many features such as a basketball court, volleyball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, a playground, 2 pavilions, grills, and a fitness trails that goes around the perimeter. This Adventure Lab focuses on the fitness trail. The fitness trail is unique to Fellow's Road because it is the only park in Perinton with one. Follow the trail from the starting point and stop at each station and do the exercises demonstrated. The trail has 11 stops or stations. This Lab has a bonus cache, and it is different from most lab bonuses. As you complete each station, there are some questions at the bottom for the bonus cache.

Created by garserio

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