Humber Estuary Viewpoints (2) South

I have now been awarded 2 groups of Labs and have placed all 10 at various locations spread along the Humber where I have thought about hiding geocaches over the years for the views. There are several miles between each Lab so they are better completed using transport rather than by foot, it's possible to drive quite close to each Lab and complete each group of 5 within a couple of hours each but I would suggest allocating some extra time, maybe take a picnic and a camera for the views, or complete over several days when you happen to be passing. Some are at the end of quite rough tracks with potholes, the choice is yours, you have been warned, you could either drive or leave your car nearby and walk the last bit. I have car camped overnight at some locations and woken up to some fantastic sunrises. The Estuary is formed at Trent Falls, by the confluence of the tidal rivers Ouse and Trent. From there to the North Sea, it forms part of the boundary between East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Created by Nutty + Evil

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