ECALT Searching for ….. in or near Sylvan Beach

It was Saturday morning and our day started out with a meeting in Rochester for Kristinlaurie, my wife. With the meeting over and the sun shining, we decided to see if we could find it( what you are searching for) near or in Sylvan Beach. Our search started from the west and we worked our way east. When you are right in Sylvan Beach, you can park at one of the two parking spots that I have left below. Stops 4-9 can be walked from one of the parking coords. Hope you have fun and enjoy your search. Two parking coords for right in Sylvan Beach are: Beach parking: N 43 11.793 W 75 43.840 Near the American Legion: N 43 11.927 W 75 43.686

Created by Dslater529

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