Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark Adventure Lab

Welcome to Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark Lab Adventure! :) This AL will make you explore some information about Estrela Geopark geosites. All you need is here at GZ: and I suggest to visit GC890VD! You can start&finish this Lab Adventure from the same any point around 5km from GC890VD Estrela Geopark Interpretation Center, in order to make sure you keep some internet connection. [or you can use fakegps to "put" you there :-/]. I recommend you to choose a pretty nice spot on the mountain nearby to relax and explore on your smartphone all 5 chosen geosites details. It will take you no more than 15 minutes to answer 5 simple questions. All the answers are in Portuguese. In the end, I hope you have enjoyed to know more about this unique region and their interesting Geosites, so you can plan ahead another visit in the future and go for a hike in a real outdoor adventure at Estrela Mountain! Thank you! :D J.Greg [Estrela, 2020]

Created by J.Greg

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