Pasadena Solar System Adventure

Pasadena is a world center of space exploration, as the home of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and The Planetary Society. This Adventure Lab is a virtual scale model of the Solar System that will take you to various Pasadena landmarks as you travel from planet to planet. The scale of the model is such that 1000 feet equals the distance from the Sun to the Earth (1 AU). The starting location is the Rose Mosaic by artist Margaret Nielsen, located on the Garfield Promenade of Paseo Colorado. The circular mosaic has a diameter approximately equal to the scale diameter of the Sun and is the center of the model. At this scale, the Earth would be 1 inch in diameter. This Adventure Lab visits only the five planets known to the ancient world. The Solar System is a big place, so the distance you will travel is a bit greater than other AL's you may have done. If you walk the whole tour and return, the round trip will be about 5 miles. However, you can drive to all the locations if walking isn't your thing!

Created by Kelsoboom

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