Earth to Echo Chicago Adventure

Welcome to Earth To Echo's Geocaching Adventure. On their last night together, four friends (Alex, Munch, Tuck and Emma) were preparing to say their final good-bye's when they discovered something that would change their lives forever. Mysterious messages started appearing on their phones, and they were convinced it was somehow connected to the construction work that was happening around their city. Determined to find answers to the messages, the four friends agree to embark on one last adventure together. Follow Alex, Munch, Tuck and Emma on their adventure, and help them uncover the answer to the mysterious messages by navigating to each of the locations below. When you arrive at each location, figure out the secret ‘find code’ to unlock a video clip and continue the adventure. To uncover the final mystery, and have the best experience, we encourage you to follow Alex, Munch, Tuck and Emma on their adventure in the order listed below.

Created by Geocaching HQ to promote Earth to Echo

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